Fuelled by Kindness

Monday’s night run was fuelled by one thing… kindness. I got home from work in the evening and as I closed my front door I could see there was this brown paper bag, which had been pushed through the letter box. 

I looked more closely and read the message: “To Lisa. Happy Re-fuelling! Keep Going Runner.”

I think my heart skipped a beat as I excitedly looked in the bag to see what was there. As I peered in, three tin foil wrapped parcels peered back out at me. I was feeling a bit confused too and wondered quite what these shiny parcels contained and who they were from. I held my breath a little as I peeled back the tin foil to reveal… a home made flapjack! I was still confused, until the penny dropped and I remembered a friend had offered to make me some, about a week ago.

At that point I broke into a big smile and felt warmth at her random act of kindness and thoughtfulness. I pondered on the selfless actions involved in simple kindness and the power in how they were received. Then I ate one flapjack, to fuel for my mid #Juneathon run and off I went with a smile on my face!

Lisa Thompson