Nurture Yourself

It was a Thursday evening when I wrote this blog and that only meant one thing… it’s date night. I wish I could tell you that I was being wined and dined by a potential love interest, but at least the wined and dined part is correct! The date night I have is with myself. I started setting this special evening aside earlier on in this year and have enjoyed keeping it up ever since.

I enjoy and am passionate about my work within the specialist sexual abuse support sector and can’t imagine doing anything else. However, when you have opted to tune into sexual trauma everyday, in order to support others, it’s essential to find ways to self-nurture and restore. Date night provides me with one way of doing this. I focus purely on me, choosing to do my favourite, non-work related thing and indulge my wishes, wants and desires. 

Running complements date night as an additional way to self nurture and restore me and has been in my life for a long time. Running has helped me:
  • Stay grounded and in the moment, especially in times when it would be easy to feel anxious or overwhelmed.
  • Keep my body healthy.
  • Find a way that my body can release tension and stress, where I still might be carrying the impact of some of the trauma I’ve heard.
  • Have time just for me.
  • Figure out solutions – it’s interesting how they often pop in your head during a run, when your brain is freely associating and you’re not over-thinking a problem.
  • Release endorphins, which are natural happy drugs.
  • Achieve some of my biggest goals.
  • Have some great adventures in life.
  • Meet and connect with some wonderfully colourful, crazy, kind and inspirational people!
  • Feel good about myself. 
  • Get out in and enjoy nature.
  • Regain and maintain self-esteem.
  • Release feelings, especially if I have buried them. I remembering crying in the JW (John Ward) Ultra 2013 after a particularly stressful week at work where I had held it all in.
  • Create memories which still make me smile today.
  • Nurture me; my body; my passion; my hearts desire and my being.

Nurture is vital because of my job, yet it is vital simply ‘because’. Nurture is as necessary for you as it is for me. Nurture is important in the development and maintenance of self-esteem and self-love. Nurture is healing, nurture is kind. An absence of nurture can lead to depletion; a lack of appreciation; isolation, and insecurity. We’ve probably all been there and at some point will be there again. Nurture can top us up, helping us to deal more confidently and calmly with the ups and downs and challenges in life. As we nurture ourselves better, we become better able to nurture others too.

So consider, what will you do to nurture yourself today and tomorrow and the day after that?

Lisa Thompson