Nature Nurtures

Short blog but every blog counts!

I got home in the evening from a day trip to London to see a lovely friend. Thank you April! I’d committed myself to completing my run and still stick to my challenge, despite having a day where I took my foot off the ‘healthy eating pedal!’ A blast round my local park would suffice for this seventh consecutive run. Running outdoors, being surrounded by nature always nurtures me and restores. I don’t understand the appeal of running on a treadmill as I’d desperately miss:

1The challenge of running in all weathers. (I once completed a six hour training run where it continually rained the whole time!)

  • Seeing the trees change with seasons
  • Watching the three herons fishing along the canal run I do
  • The smells of the Cadbury factory when I pass it
  • The feel of the wind on my face
  • The vividness of natures colours as it stops raining and the sun comes out
  • The sun or moon shining down on me
  • Feeling a small part of a much bigger picture in the world.
  • The sense of wonder as I explore a place on foot.
These are all an integral part of running for me, part of what makes running one of my self care strategies. Without the nature I feel less restored and (treadmill) running becomes more like a chore and a drag. As I completed the short blast in my local park I looked at the beautiful trees, listened to the laughter of others in the park and heard the evening song of birds, I felt more relaxed, rested and rejuvenated as I let my surroundings feed, nurture and nourish me. Next time you’re out, walking or running, stop; look; listen; smell as you take in your surroundings and allow nature to fully nurture you.
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