Don’t Over Think It #run

Think think, block block. Don’t go, stay here. I ache, my legs feel heavy. I’ve worked late, I’ve just got home. I want to forget it, give up this blog and just sit and relax in the evening. Why am I doing #Juneathon?!

When you run regularly and speak to others they often assume that you don your Lycra at every opportunity, get out the door easily with a spring in your step and never have a craving of just not bothering! I wish this were true but it’s not. 
Running regularly involves training the mind, as well as the body. It involves developing techniques to ignore the nay sayer voices and to chase the doubting thoughts away. It’s not always easy and it requires practice and repetition. You have to learn to get out of your own way, accepting that occasionally you won’t and you will be the one blocking your way. It’s okay if this happens some of the time, as there will always be another day. However, you have to be honest when you are the one continually sabotaging your own progress and commit to yourself that you will take charge.
Sometimes the best way to deal with your negative thoughts is to determine that you won’t over think it, that you will literally just prepare for a run, as routinely as you brush your teeth. So when I arrived home late last night, I didn’t sit down, I changed into my Lycra straight away and I didn’t over think it, I just ran. 
I soon found I was thinking less and had found a way to simply “be.”
Lisa Thompson