About Us

​GINA is a social enterprise offering unparalleled opportunities for people affected by rape and sexual abuse to: Grow, Inspire, Nurture and Achieve. When you support GINA you help to create a future where people surviving rape and sexual abuse can thrive and live the life they want.

GINA was set up after our Founder, Lisa Thompson, discovered that her much loved grandmother, Nana Gina, was raped as a teenager and had kept this secret for nearly 70 years, only disclosing shortly before she died. Lisa named GINA after her Nana to leave a positive legacy for her and for other rape and sexual abuse survivors like her. Lisa vowed that GINA would create opportunities for survivors to Grow, Inspire, Nurture and Achieve, to encourage people to believe in themselves, their resourcefulness and their potential.

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GINA is not a charity – there are already incredible charities out there, providing much needed and valuable services. GINA offers something different and collaborates with survivors in the development of resources, products and events. At the heart of GINA’s philosophy is the belief that every survivor, with the right compassionate support and opportunities, can move beyond surviving to thriving after trauma.

2015 will see GINA launch more products, events and opportunities, so that people affected by rape and sexual abuse can thrive and live the life they want. Just as Lisa’s Nana Gina inspired her to do more for survivors, she hopes that you too will be inspired by GINA’s work and commit to creating a world where no survivor feels unable to speak out.


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