Expert Reports

GINA has a board of Directors who have 41 years of combined experience, expertise and specialist knowledge of skilfully working with people affected by rape and sexual abuse. GINA also has a team of Consultants who are selected for their unparalleled skills, knowledge and proficiency into the impacts and effects of rape and sexual abuse. Their professionalism is guided by a thorough understanding of how sexualised trauma impacts on a person socially, emotionally and mentally.

We found that survivors of childhood sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault and sexual torture may not immediately disclose their experiences for many reasons, some of which are: fear of not being believed; fear of repercussions; feelings of self-blame and shame that survivors often display, distortedly believing that somehow they were to blame for what happened to them; fear of the perpetrator(s) if he/she is still alive; being shunned by family and community; concern about the impact on the immediate family and not recognising that what they have experienced is a crime, which can be reported to the police.

We have the expertise needed to undertake expert reports for solicitors and lawyers to better identify the support needed by survivors. This assessment can lead to survivors receiving better compensations and more appropriate forms of support, including counselling but also services which traditionally had been neglected, such as therapeutic services which can ease survivors’ healing process.

Our unique approach to assessing abuse is based on the social model, rather than the strictly medical-based model of trauma. By this we mean that we take into consideration the interventions needed for the survivor to overcome their trauma, to nurture themselves and to grow their confidence to have a thriving life.