Nurture Your Success workshop

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Nurture Your Success

October 2014

Here are some takeaway points after our Nurture Your Success workshop:

The primary thing that GINA wanted to achieve on the “Nurture Your Success” workshop was to increase survivors’ confidence in your unique abilities, talents and skills. Many of us, particularly survivors, can underestimate our resilience, strength and perseverance, which are actually all essential skills to have when travelling on the journey of setting up our own business, regardless of which part of the journey we are on. We also wanted to help survivors and supporters decide why they had chosen to establish a “social” enterprise, rather than a business which would be driven solely by the pursuit of profits.

On a daily basis GINA has been inspired by people, their dreams and their absolute dogged determination to survive and thrive! We were sure that by bringing a small group of survivors and supporters together, that they would awaken and shape their own dreams and inspire each other to do the same. We wanted you to feel encouraged to start a business by following your heart and doing what you really love. Chasing your dreams and your happiness really can be a business model and we hope that you are one step nearer to defining the vision, values and purpose of your socially driven enterprise.

To follow your heart and establish a social enterprise, your dream needs to be fed, watered and nurtured. This involves approaching obstacles and problems with optimism and an unshakeable faith that there are solutions and opportunities to be found, even if sometimes you have to keep looking! We wanted to introduce you to the many places where you can gain funding; mentoring; training, support and resources. Ultimately, however, we wanted you to see and believe that the biggest resource of all is YOU!

Once you have established your social enterprise, how do you know whether what you have achieved is successful? Our aim was that by the end of the day, you would have decided exactly who your customer was. Being clear about this enables you to know and understand your customers’ needs and exactly how your social enterprise could meet them. Having happy customers and ways they can feedback this happiness to you, alongside being able to demonstrate the real impact you are having on the world, are the ultimate ways you demonstrate what you have achieved. Ensuring that you also generate a profit, by the selling of your goods and services, means that you can then invest these profits back into your business to achieve even more happy customers and changes you want to bring about in the world!

#Update2: A Sneaky Peek!

Shhhhh… we are excited to send you a sneak peek into our Nurture Your Success event…

We bet that you are inspired to really try and make a difference, but don’t know where to start? At our event on 18 October, we will be helping you to make the leap into the wonderful world of social enterprise. But where to start?
We will be helping you through the key steps and skills to help you along your way, which will include “Goal Setting” – knowing your end game.

We want you to be leaving this event saying:
“In 5 years time, I WILL be running my own ______________ business”. 

(Insert your idea here, whether it be café, jewelry design, handmade paper or rainbow coloured paint) *Nb, the last one is a joke, never fall for it!

So what will that look like?

This is where we will guide you through programming with baby steps. Creating a programme may sound like a lot of work, but it will help you to get started and achieve the goal that you really deserve.

We are really looking forward to working with you to start your journey into social enterprise.

#Update1: Inspired to really try and make a difference, but don’t know where to start?

We offered a group of ten people the opportunity to come together for a unique and innovative one-day workshop to learn how they can utilise their skills to become social entrepreneurs.

They did not need any business experience to join us – just a niggling idea, a spark, or simply the enthusiasm to try something! This workshop was suitable for those who were are at the very beginning of their journey or if they had a business idea they were are ready to start working on.

With a limited number of lucky people, we offered a unique event where we could really start to:

* Grow participants’ talents
* Inspire their thinking
* Nurture their ideas
* And start on the road to Achieve successes for them and their future!

We offered the opportunity to NURTURE YOUR SUCCESS and we did this in two ways:

1. The morning was spent identifying and developing participants’ skills so that they were confident in their ability to be successful social entrepreneurs.
2. In the afternoon we shared the fundamental business principles that they needed to embark upon their own journey into social enterprise.

Throughout the day, participants were empowered to share their skills, ideas and thoughts about developing a social business. The workshop took place in a safe, positive and forward thinking environment to maintain focus and momentum.

The one-day workshop ran from 10am-4pm and took place on Saturday 18th October 2014 at the Marriott Hotel, Five Ways, Birmingham.

Lunch included in the £20 charge & was from the amazing Change Kitchen.

And if you have enjoyed reading, and wish to share your ideas of inspiration, check us out!