Nurture Training

What is Nurture Training?

GINA Nurture Training is for those working with/supporting survivors of sexual violence.

Its focus is on:

  • self-care,
  • compassion,
  • reducing secondary trauma and how to tune in to trauma,
  • how to nurture ourselves when dealing with trauma,
  • the wellbeing of the staff workforce to be protected.


Nurture is vital. Nurture is as necessary for you as it is for us. Nurture is important in the development and maintenance of self-esteem and self-love. Nurture is healing, nurture is kind. An absence of nurture can lead to depletion; a lack of appreciation; isolation, and insecurity. We’ve probably all been there and at some point will be there again. Nurture can top us up, helping us to deal more confidently and calmly with the ups and downs and challenges in life. As we nurture ourselves better, we become better able to nurture others too.

So consider, what will you do to nurture yourself today and tomorrow and the day after that?


Intended results:

This training equips specialists and those close to survivors to take a stand together with the survivors against abuse, and prepares the former to have the confidence and knowledge in making difficult decisions, protecting themselves and the survivor.

We provide nurture training to reduce the wall of silence surrounding sexual abuse.