Nurture workshop for parents

We delivered a workshop for PACE (Parents Against Child Exploitation) in July 2015.

Nurture helps us understand the way others are feeling, helps them express these feelings and identify the best solutions. When others experience this kind of nurture from us, it helps them regulate their future feelings and have their sense of self acknowledged.

Nurturing yourself is absolutely essential – creating a nurturing, boundaried and safe environment and relationship is a great gift parents can give to their children.

Nurture and self-care shows one’s child that sexual abuse can be overcome, and it stops parents from becoming as traumatised as their child. It keeps parents well, safe and healthy, meaning they can still be there for their child.

The structure of the workshop was as follows:

Ground rules

Boundaries, link wiht abuse, set for ourselves as we set for our children

First round: intro to nurture, why nurture? What is it? Why is it important?

Second round: How does nurture help with trauma?

Third round: ways to nurture – get moving, cards, station to station – share ideas, in group – meditation, mindful walk, moving stress from our bodies-shake etc.

Nurture commitment to self…

Hugs and cheers!