April 2015

#ThisGirlCan is a national campaign developed by SportEngland and a range of partnership organisations. It is a celebration of active women up and down the country who are doing their thing no matter how well they do it or how they look. #ThisGirlCan sends a positive impression of what women and girls can achieve. It fits with GINA’s values about the potential of survivors. We wanted to be part of it because we know how activity and sport can benefit survivors and be healing.

As part of the #ThisBrumGirlCan campaign, we offered a Free Zumba “Bollywood” Style class to survivors of sexual abuse. 

In this session, we shared the benefits of regular exercise with 11 participants. Participation in fitness activities can be enormously beneficial to abuse survivors tackling post-trauma issues, such as isolation, depression, low self-esteem and sleeplessness. Attendees learned about the mental and physical health benefits of activity in a relaxed and fun environment. The session offered a safe space for women to meet, learn new coping strategies and have fun.

By organising this Zumba class, we were part of a local campaign (#ThisBrumGirlCan) as well as a national campaign (#ThisGirlCan). Thanks to funding from Sport England and the #ThisGirlCan campaign this session was free!


The class was held on Thursday 2nd April From 11am to 1pm. The venue was:

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